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Refer a Startup Program

Earn a substantial reward of $2,000 by referring promising startups to our platform. We believe in the power of connections and the value of supporting entrepreneurship, and we want to reward you for helping us discover and nurture exceptional startup ventures.

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Startup Referral Program

Participating in the "Refer a Startup" program is simple and rewarding.

If you come across a startup that you believe would benefit from the resources and opportunities provided by Invest Africa 54, simply refer them to us. Whether it's a friend, colleague, family member, or someone in your professional network, anyone with an exciting startup venture is eligible for referral.

How to Participate in the Referral Program

To participate in the referral program, simply provide your name or unique referral code when the startup company registers for Invest Africa 54. Your referral code can be found in your account settings. Once the startup company successfully completes registration and its verified through Invest Africa 54, you will be eligible to receive your reward.

Benefits of the Referral Program

Not only will you have the opportunity to earn a substantial reward, but you will also be playing an active role in supporting startups and fostering entrepreneurship. By referring, you play an active role in backing entrepreneurship and driving innovation. You contribute to the growth and success of promising ventures, helping them access funding, resources, and expert guidance.

How to Spread the Word

There are many ways to spread the word about the Invest Africa 54 referral program. You can share the program on social media, email your contacts, or simply talk to your friends and colleagues about it. The more startups you refer to Invest Africa 54, the more money you can earn. So, start spreading the word today and help us to support the startup ecosystem in Africa!

Spread the word

Earn Money and Help Grow the Startup Ecosystem

Here are some additional tips for spreading the word about the referral program

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Leverage your network:
Reach out to your personal and professional contacts, including friends, family members, colleagues, and industry peers. Share the details of the startup referral program with them and explain the benefits of joining Invest Africa 54. Encourage them to refer startups they know or share the program with their own networks.
Utilize social media:
Leverage the power of social media platforms to amplify your message. Post about the startup referral program on your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Include relevant hashtags and engaging visuals to attract attention and encourage sharing.
Engage in online communities:
Participate in online communities, forums, and groups that focus on startups, entrepreneurship, or investment. Share information about the referral program in relevant discussions, providing valuable insights and highlighting the benefits of joining Invest Africa 54. Be genuine, helpful, and respectful in your interactions.
Attend industry events:
Attend startup events, entrepreneurship conferences, and industry gatherings where you can connect with like-minded individuals. Use these opportunities to network, share information about the referral program, and exchange ideas with potential startup founders and investors. Be prepared with promotional materials or business cards.
Engage with startup communities:
Actively engage with startup communities, entrepreneurship hubs, or incubators. Offer your insights, advice, and support to founders within these communities, and mention the referral program as a valuable opportunity for startups to gain access to funding and resources.
Utilize email marketing:
If you have a newsletter or email list, consider sending out a dedicated email highlighting the startup referral program. Explain the benefits, share success stories, and provide clear instructions on how recipients can participate and refer startups to Invest Africa 54.

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Join the Invest Africa 54
"Refer a Startup" Program.

Seize the opportunity to earn $2,000 for every successful startup referral. Let's work together to support startups, empower entrepreneurs, and foster innovation and economic development.